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Smile Again Ministries is a 501(c)3 nonprofit ministry, serving families who have lost a child, offering a retreat experience and counseling services to surviving parents and siblings.  Our mission is to help hurting people find peace and hope.

Judy Publishes New Book


Judy and I are SO excited to announce the publishing of Judy’s new eBook entitled, GET ME OFF THIS ROLLER COASTER.

In Judy’s book you’ll walk right alongside of her as she talks about her feelings, emotions, and struggles during the hospitalization and death of our daughter, Mickey. Judy had kept a journal of what was happening during the 38 days Mickey was in a coma.

Several families that have come to Whitetail Lodge have wanted to read what Judy had written, and now they can. Judy takes you through those initial moments when we found Mickey unconscious in our bathroom right through to the moment she passed away. She also shares at the end of her book ways in which we have dealt with Mickey’s death and how God has helped us each step of the way.

You can go online and order the book by going to this link: . Then just search for Judy’s name or the book by name, and you’ll be able to download and read the book right away. Even if you don’t own a Kindle there are options that allow you to read the book on your computer, pad or smartphone. The book only costs $2.99.

As I said, we’re so excited about this release. Please check it out and please pass the word along to your friends – particularly those who have lost a child. And don’t forget to let us know what you think of the book too! God bless, and remember we love you! Pat & Judy


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