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Smile Again Ministries is a 501(c)3 nonprofit ministry, serving families who have lost a child, offering a retreat experience and counseling services to surviving parents and siblings.  Our mission is to help hurting people find peace and hope.

Whitetail Lodge, Smile Again Ministries' retreat center, is located on a beautiful lake in Central Minnesota. Enjoy listening to the call of loons as you sit by the waterfront in the evening and watch the sunset.

The lodge is designed to give you and your family a safe place to simply grieve and smile again. The emphasis here is definitely on relaxation and quiet reflection. It won’t matter what time of the year you have a need, Whitetail Lodge is open all year long.   Pat and Judy Misener live on site, so they can be available to help visiting families.

Each of the two comfortable bedroom suites gives you and your family a private area where you can “just be alone,” if you like. Each suite allows up to five people to stay in a single room.  Children enjoy the indoor play area. This area is brightly lit, and houses all sorts of games and activities. Children, or adults, can build Lego cities, make some fun craft projects, or work on puzzles.

The lodge is open to couples, as well as families. Personal counseling is available for any member of the family that wants it. You will be given an opportunity when you register to ask for the counseling times. These sessions will be conducted by Pat and/or Judy.

This boy is holding a stringer of fish he caught  while at Whitetail Lodge.

The kitchen area allows guests to prepare meals or snacks. A gourmet breakfast is served every morning. The town of Crosslake is just eight miles away, making dining out easy to do. When weather permits, guests may use a large, stainless steel grill to make anything you like.

For guests who like to stay “connected,” the lodge has wireless Internet access throughout.

A quiet Peace Garden provides a comfortable place for individuals and families to simply enjoy the beauty of nature and the sound of a waterfall during warmer months. Whitetail deer often visit our retreat center in the early mornings and evenings.

You will have many opportunities to get out on the lake and enjoy time together as a couple or as a family. If you enjoy fishing, a boat awaits your use.  Or just take our Old Town canoe out for a relaxing paddle around the lake.  There's a small waterfront area for swimming, or just laying in the sun to catch some rays. You’ll find the water in the lake to be clear and refreshing. The sandy bottom makes playing in the water fun and safe.

Once you see Whitetail Lodge we think you’ll agree this is an awesome setting for you to reflect on your grief, and maybe, just maybe, find yourself smiling again. We know you won’t want to hurry away. For best results we encourage people to stay the full five nights that are available each Monday through Saturday. It usually takes a couple of days just to relax enough to begin healing.

Enjoy wildlife in a beautiful setting - all year long!

Enjoy wildlife in a beautiful setting - all year long!

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Background photo: the forest surrounding Whitetail Lodge,
Smile Again Ministries' retreat center.

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