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Every day families across America experience the agony that accompanies the death of a child. We help them Smile Again.

Smile Again Ministries helps families deal with the grief of losing a child. For the past fourteen years SAM has helped several moms and dads and surviving siblings cope with their grief. Whitetail Lodge is a retreat center for grieving families. This is a safe place to deal with your shattered emotions. A place where healing can begin. Remember, that it doesn't matter what age your child was when he or she died. We have found the pain suffered by parents is deep no matter how old your child was. So if you've had a child die email us at for a registration form. OR, simply click the "Registration Form" tab at the top of this page to download your own registration form.

If you would like to see an extended video about Smile Again Ministries and what families experience while at Whitetail Lodge simply click on the link below.

Smile Again - YouTube

To get an idea of what we offer click on this link to watch an interview of Pat and Judy Misener by KSTP TV in Minneapolis, MN. Please note: During this news clip Jason Davis mentioned the cost is $50 per night. The cost is now $100 per night.

There isn’t a more chilling moment in a parent’s life then when they see a hospital chaplain and social worker coming their way while they are waiting for news from the doctor who is involved in their child's care. You know in your gut that their coming signals horrible news, news you do not want to hear. And when you see the doctor's face you know, your child is dead. Or opening the door to your home or apartment to see a police officer and chaplain who have come to tell you your child is dead.

Unfortunately, every year thousands and thousands of parents in America experience moments like these when their child dies. In fact, the National Vital Statistics Report tells us that 55,000 children between that ages of birth and 19 years of age die each year in America. Some will die of injuries from accidents. Others will die of SIDS, childhood diseases, suicide, and murder. Whitetail Lodge is open all year to give you the option of coming when it is convenient for your schedule.

Pat and Judy Misener, who have lost a child themselves, live on site 24 hours a day so they can be available to help families who come.

Learn more about Our Mission and about how you can help families in situations where they have lost a child.


We're planning our Third Annual Spring Work Day for Saturday, May 17, 2014 beginning at 9:00 am. We've had to move the workday to the third Saturday in May because of all the snow we've gotten this winter. We're hoping the snow will be melted and gone by then. We'll be working in our garden areas outside, as well as cleaning inside. If you can come please let us know by emailing us so we can plan our food and beverages. Also let us know if you'd like to work indoors our outdoors. Here's our email address: